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Nfor1 has developed an employee-driven benefits platform that leverages the recent changes in health insurance tax laws.  It delivers a focused employee benefits solution to the employees and dependents of small to mid-sized employers. The nfor1 platform allows an employer to provide employees with a simple monthly benefits stipend and lets each employee choose their benefits based on their personal needs. This contrasts strongly with the current one-size-fits-all benefits programs of today where the employer chooses the products for the employee and then asks the employees to contribute funds if they want to participate in the programs. 

Our platform allows the employee to select from a broad range of benefits products and supports the employee through the decision process, so they can efficiently allocate their benefits stipend. The products include insurance products such as health and dental insurance, health savings accounts, along with a broad range of new benefit products ranging from growing an emergency funds account, to college debt repayment programs, financial, emotional, and physical fitness programs, and more.

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