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Health Savings Account

ABS offers over 30 mutual fund investment options with partner Healthcare Bank.

Health Savings Accounts (HSA) are pre-tax bank accounts that let your employees save money on eligible medical, dental and vision expenses, including copays, prescriptions and a variety of products. To be eligible for an HSA, an employee must be enrolled in a High-Deductible Health Plan (HDHP). HSA funds can be invested. 

Why Have your HSA with ABS?

1 in 3 HSAs are on the WEX Platform

Insight drawn from the country’s largest HSA data set to help you make strategic decisions and influence positive employee behavior.

HSA Bulk Transfer Options

Solutions for a challenge employers face when moving HSA custodians. ABS offers transfer options to support even the most complex organizations.

Interactive and Customizable Consumer Dashboard

Stay on top of healthcare spending and savings for future expenses.

Benefits Consolidation

One point of access for you to manage FSA, HSA, HRA and commuter benefits. One debit card, online account and mobile app for participants to achieve a simplified benefits experience.

Robust HSA Investment Options

More than 5,000 mutual funds and investment options through our self-directed brokerage account to give employees more diversity when investing.

Health Savings Brokerage Account (HSBA)

A Health Savings Brokerage Account (HSBA) is a an individual self- directed Charles Schwab brokerage account designed to complement a health savings account providing greater access to thousands of additional investment choices.

  • Consumers can access more than 8,500 HSA eligible mutual funds from over 630 well-known fund families. Over 3,900 mutual funds are available with no-loads and no-transaction fees, including over 2,700 load-waived funds typically available only to institutional clients. Consumers will have over 500 commission-free exchange- traded funds through Schwab ETF OneSource. Other investments include individual stocks, bonds and other fixed income investments and money market funds. No trade fees for ABS Consumers.
  • Integrated with the ABS Health Cloud Consumer Portal and Mobile App.
Mobile Superiority

Consistent experience between online and mobile, including complete HSA investment management functionality, with ability to manage/transact across all account types. Quickly determine an expense’s eligibility by scanning the barcode of a potential purchase.

Health Plan Agnostic Solution

HSAs are lifetime accounts and not a plan year decision for your employees. Should you switch health plan providers in the future, there is no disruption for your employees enrolled in the HSA.

Perks for Employees
  • Their funds are contributed tax-free.
  • Their funds grow (with interest or through investment) tax-free.
  • Their funds can be withdrawn tax-free when used on eligible expenses.
  • Their funds carry over from year to year.
Perks for Employers
  • Your contributions to your employees’ HSAs are tax deductible.
  • Your employees’ contributions reduce your payroll taxes.
  • You save on healthcare costs, since HDHP coverage is more affordable for you.
Benefits of HSA Investments
  • HSA funds can be invested. We offer over 25 mutual fund investment options
  • Funds can be withdrawn any time tax-free as long as they’re used for eligible expenses.
  • Once an employee reaches age 65, funds can be spent on anything without paying a penalty.