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Chewsi Dental Care

Advanced Benefit Strategies, Inc. is proud to partner with Chewsi, the new way to save big at the dentist — every service, every time.

From routine care like cleanings and fillings to more expensive services like implants and crowns, Chewsi gets you significant savings you can’t get on your own, with no monthly fees or premiums.

Chewsi is free to download and easy to use:

  • Download Chewsi and register
  • Find a Chewsi dentist and call for an appointment
  • Use Chewsi to pay and save at the dentist

With Chewsi, there are no limits, exclusions or waiting periods. Use it to save on dental care, whenever you need it. You can even use Chewsi to save on any dental care that your employer’s dental plan doesn’t cover.

Chewsi for Employers

Chewsi is an ideal value-added solution for employers who want to help employees save on dental care.

You’ll save time and money with Chewsi, too. With no monthly fees or premiums, no enrollment to track and no paperwork to complete, Chewsi is a hassle-free way to help your employees save big at the dentist.

It works if:

  • You don’t offer dental insurance
  • Your plan has high deductibles or benefit restrictions
  • You or your employees want care your plan doesn’t cover, like braces or cosmetic care

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